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Macross Frontier

Awhile back, I saw an advert in a Gundam Hobby magazine for a new Macross series entitled "Macross F". I remember being very excited but somehow had forgotten about it for a time. Perhaps my mind blocked out the memory so that the anticipation didn't cause a stroke while I eagerly awaited the arrival of the new series.

Well, last night, I remembered. It may have had something to do with the fact I was researching new Macross toys that I wanted to buy:

I remember about the new series and did some research, and found out that the first episode had premiered in Japan in December. I did a quick torrent search and almost immediately found a fansubbed AVI of the episode. Thanks to numerous seeders, 108 minutes later, I was watching a brand new episode of Macross. :D

The new series is extraordinarily beautiful. I mean WOW! A majority of the animation is done with CGI, and the Valkyries have never looked better. I had been impressed with Macross Zero's CGI work, but this even puts that to shame. Seeing a squad of VF-17 Nightmares fully texture mapped and detailed was like a dream come true.

The story takes place some 25 years after the events in Macross 7, and follows the 25th SDF Colony Ship "Frontier". They are exploring the galactic core, similar to Macross 7, but encounter an enemy unliked anything ever seen in any previous Macross series. The aliens are giant insect-like beings that, like the valkyries, can change forms to suit space or atmospheric combat.

The highlight of the episode was the debut of the VF-25 advanced Valkyrie. This thing is gorgeous... It's like a combination of the YF-19 (Macross Plus), VF-1 (Macross), and the VF-0 (Macross Zero). Seeing it in full armor is a sight to behold.

The music is awesome as well. I read that Yoko Kanno returned to do the score, but there are also some remixes of class Minmei songs.

I cannot wait for Episode 2.
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